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At NDBlog we support the Upload and promotion of Hip Hop, RnB, Afro Beats, Rap/Trap and every genre you can think of including soul music”. However Songs encouraging rape, sex, racism, war, sexual perversion and Illicit behaviour will most definitely be bounced.

If your music meet these requirement why not send us a mail using the format below;

* Name of artist including featured artist(s) if available.

* A brief description of your music.

* Your music/song art, if none is available, sites’ art would be used instead in the case of an audio.

* Twitter handler and any other contact information

* An attached copy of music.

Songs to be promoted should be sent at least one (1) week before your launching date. Uploads due for audiences in less than a week may attract an additional cost because if it’s express nature.

We may require that you follow us via Instagram and twitter with @ndblogtv

Music should be in popular music file formats for audios (.mp3) and any other popular format for videos.

Service fee would be required from you, but don’t worry it’s not gonna be neck cutting lol.

We reserve the Rights to delete already uploaded songs if investigations show that it is a plagiarised Work – because we may get penalized. (You won’t be refunded)

All Entries should be submitted to


1. If you proceed it means you’ve consented to the terms above.

2. The above informs you on how to get your songs on our site. If you need massive hypes and publicity on Facebook, Twitter and our NDBlogTV platform (our WhatsApp platform) click on the number below to chat with our agent. Response is prompt


UduakAbaci Udofe

NDBlog’s Promotion Project Manager


For Management.